Our Mission:

“To provide a best-in-class customizable logistics solution incorporating family-style customer service with leading edge technology in order to exceed each client’s needs and expectations.”

At CWI, we understand that your success is dependent on your partners and their ability to effectively and efficiently manage this section of your supply-chain. We take this very seriously and treat your product like it was our product because… for a short time….it is.

We strive to continually exceed expectations and create a service relationship where we are able to predict our client’s needs and react proactively to meet them. In fact, we have such a strong track record of doing this that many of our clients have partnered with us for over 20 years!



  • Loading & unloading services
  • Racked storage
  • Floor space available
  • Forklift, slipsheet, shrink-wrapping, etc.
  • Rail service
  • Food-Grade

 Freight & Transportation Services: (through approved partners)

  • LTL
  • Last-Mile
  • Truckload
  • Ocean/Air Freight

Cross Docking, Handling, and Packing:

  • Short term storage
  • Long term storage
  • Rail to Truck
  • Truck to Rail
  • Rail to Rail
  • Truck to Truck



  • 24 x 7 On-Line Video Surveillance of all areas of our warehouses
  • Information is accessible online and is captured & archived on DVR


  • Customized reports and documents
  • Real time inventory processing
  • Web-based order placement and inventory tracking options
  • Pick by FIFO, LIFO, code date, location, lot number, or any other logic
  • Inventory level and SKU level flexibility
  • Barcode capability
  • EDI via Flat file, CSV, XML or EDI standards
  • FTP
  • Secured 24/7 Access to your inventory via website